Want to Improve Sleep Quality? Perform These Exercises

Are you having trouble falling asleep? Remember, you are not alone. Your fast-paced schedules that include long working hours, parenting burnout, and other emotionally exhausting situations can make it challenging to unwind and get restful sleep. Sleep specialists believe regular physical activity is one of the best ways to get a good night’s sleep. But which workout improves the sleep quality? In this article at U.S. News,, Johns Hopkins shares some best exercises for sleep.

Top 3 Exercises That Improve Sleep Quality

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic or ‘cardio’ exercise improves blood pressure and reduces heart disease risk. According to studies, regular aerobic exercise for prolonged periods undoubtedly enhances sleep quality. Furthermore, it also reduces excessive daytime sleepiness for those that have insomnia. Remember not to perform aerobic activities at night. This is because excessive physical exercise increases the heart rate, making it difficult to fall asleep.

Resistance Exercise

Also known as strength training, it focuses on building muscle strength throughout the body. Health experts recommend a mix of resistance and aerobic exercises to improve different aspects of physiological health. Like aerobics, regular resistance exercises can reduce sleep disorders and lower the risks of depression and anxiety.

Yoga to Improve Sleep Quality

Aches and pains can ruin a good night’s sleep. If you struggle to get good sleep because of body pain, try incorporating flexibility training into your bedtime routine. Yoga primarily focuses on posture improvement, meditation, and breathing exercises. Studies have indicated that yoga alleviates stress, helps lose weight, and reduces neck and lower back pain.

Being Consistent for the Best Results

Are you struggling to find the motivation to exercise? Then, think about it this way: you are gifting yourself a good night’s sleep. Health experts recommend 30 minutes of exercise at least five days a week. You do not have to take up a high-intensity workout like running or rowing. But modern-intensity activities like walking or gardening will also yield better results in improving sleep quality.

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