Research Says Weight Exercises Can Add Years to Your Life

The pandemic has disrupted business operations and the standard of living irreversibly. With the advent of remote working models, people are struggling to engage in regular physical activities. The pandemic has affected mental and physical health to a great extent. So, it has become crucial to uplift physical and mental wellness before it gets too late. According to a report published in Japan, 30 to 60 minutes of regular weight training can lessen the risk of dying early. Besides, weight exercises can also help you repair your heart and blood vessels, reducing the risk of diabetes and cancer by 20%. In one of their recent articles, U.S. News shares how weight exercises can help you extend your life and improve its quality.

How Weight Exercises Impact your Body

Weight exercises play a crucial role in optimizing musculoskeletal benefits and preventing untimely death and chronic illnesses. Furthermore, research suggests that weight training can reduce the risk of blood vessel disease, strokes, and cancer, to name a few. It is better to practice weight training along with aerobic exercises, such as swimming, cycling, etc.

Combining strength training with aerobic exercises will reduce the risk of premature death by 40%. Dr. Russell Camhi, sports medicine specialist in Great Neck, New York, mentions that strength training is equally beneficial for men and women. It increases testosterone levels in men and improves bone density in men and women equally.

How to Introduce Weight Training to Your Schedule

Start weight-bearing exercises on a small scale. Incorporate basic weight training into your schedules, such as stair climbing and dancing. After a while, you should begin weight training with small weights and increase it with time. Make sure you do not start extensive workouts right from the beginning because it can lead to muscle tears and inflammation. There are several online training platforms that can help you with the training procedures, postures, and other nuances.

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