Pre-Workout Foods That Preserve Energy, But Burn Fat

Whether you go out for a walk or run, you must have sufficient energy in your body to embrace the strain. Pre-workout foods help keep your energy intact. However, you do not want to eat the wrong food that can end up depositing around your waist. In this article at Forbes, Stacey Calino shares what you should have as pre-workout foods and how beneficial they are.

Pre-Workout Foods for a Better Exercise Regime

Tara Collingwood, nutritionist and sports dietitian in Orlando, Florida, suggests light meals can be an excellent way to have pre-workout foods. Exercising without having food does not burn more fat. Instead, you lose energy faster and end up wrapping the workout session early due to exhaustion.

Pre-Workout Food Items to Have

Carbohydrates are the best go-to food items when you are performing strenuous activities. Researchers from ‘Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism’ study conducted a test by asking participants to have carbohydrates before a workout. The test indicated that carbohydrates helped the participants to endure the workout strain 13 percent longer.

Additionally, a ‘Frontier’ study too indicated that having high-carb and low-protein can help with your exercise regime better. Some slices of a fruit, a granola bar, a toasted bread slice with honey or jam applied on it, or dry cereals can be good pre-workout foods. For more extreme workout regimes, you need to have more carbohydrate-rich foods like chocolate milk, banana, yogurt with berries, protein bars, and buttered up toasted bread slices.

The Eating Timeline

You can have pre-workout foods 15 to 20 minutes before exercising. If you have 30 to 60 minutes left, 100 to 200-calorie food items would be sufficient. Remember, the closer you get to your workout hours, the less food you must consume.

Foods to Stay Away from Before Workout

You do not want to have food items that will cause gastrointestinal issues. So, avoid anything high in protein, fiber, fat, or sugar. For instance, stay away from fried items, pastries, cheesy dishes, avocadoes, bacon, etc.

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