Best Workout Time to Optimize Sleep Cycle and Energy Levels

You must have come across several people that prefer working out in the morning, whereas others like to exercise at night. Health researchers have been involved in a constant debate regarding what workout time provides the best results. Well, there is no accurate answer to it. Working out in the morning or evening has its own set of merits and demerits. It is essential to understand that any time you spend working out is better than the time when you are not. However, you can benefit your body and optimize your workout results at certain times of the day. In her article for Forbes Health, Natasha Caleel Freutel shares how you can improve your health by analyzing the best workout time for your body.

Decide Your Workout Time Per FITT Model

Make sure you consider the frequency, intensity, time, and type of your workout. It is essential to understand that humans are cyclical beings. The circadian rhythm helps you regulate body hormones, energy levels, and sleep cycles, to name a few. Aligning your workout per your circadian rhythm can increase your metabolism and muscle growth.

Advantages of Morning Workout

Early morning workouts can help you increase your productivity and engage in physical activity without distraction. In a study that included 51 participants that ran for 30 minutes every morning thrice a week, the respondents experienced better sleep quality and focus.

Disadvantages of Morning Workout Time

Sleep debt is one of the most significant demerits of a morning workout routine. The sleep debt inorganically increases the number of catabolic hormones that break down muscles.

Advantages of Night Workout

Most people have more time at hand in the evening, which automatically increases the quality of their workout. Evening workout sessions can also provide you an opportunity to socialize and reduce stress levels after a long day of work.

Disadvantages of Night Workout Time

Conducting an intense workout program right before bed can delay your sleep cycle and increase your sleep debt. Furthermore, it can increase your adrenaline levels, which might hamper sleep.

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