Focus on 4 Easy Steps to Nurture Your Memory

One of the drawbacks of aging is memory loss and lack of attention. Many deem to revitalize brainpower and focus by practicing meditation. However, the process is slow and requires a lot of patience. In this article at Harvard Health Publishing (HHP), learn about the new strategic approaches to improve focus and memory power.

Revamp Your Lifestyle

Experts believe that minor tweaks in your daily routine and acquiring healthy habits are the ideal methods to strengthen focus and memory. Follow these mindful life hacks to boost your cognitive ability:

Maintain Eye Contact

Always look at the individual you are interacting with to listen and diligently process the information they pass. There is no harm in asking the speaker to repeat or speak slowly in case you cannot understand.

Fortify Details

Merely listening to the person may not suffice the purpose. Perhaps, you must ensure comprehending the information to give a suitable response. Understanding and retaining the conversation is possible only when you pay attention to the speaker. So, avoid the eagerness to answer back and pay attention to their words.

Avert Distractions

If you tend to get lost in others’ noise, try interacting with people in a quiet space. Holding a one-on-one meeting in a separate room or coffee shop is an appropriate way to avoid diversions. If you conduct a meeting in a public place, choose to sit near the wall. If your acquaintances opt to sit against the wall, sit opposite to them to keep your focus intact.

One Thing at a Time

Not all individuals are efficient at multitasking. However, you can enhance your capability to focus on one task at once. The approach will help to avoid distractions and unnecessary interruptions. Ask your coworker to wait if you are engaged in a priority task. Avoid answering your phone if you are in the middle of finishing something significant.

Surprisingly, your brain can imbibe new habits while nurturing new neural connections every day, even as you grow old. Minor lifestyle changes can make incredible improvements in your brainpower.

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