Trick Your Workaholic Mind to Avoid Health Issues

Let us face the reality that while chasing dreams and ambitions, many of us stay ignorant of our health. After a busy day at work, food gives you the much-anticipated pleasure. So, who cares if eating greasy snacks at night can cause serious health issues? It is a myth that a busy professional cannot maintain a healthy lifestyle. Millennials and Gen Z have a different perspective. In this article at MiNDFOOD, learn how busy professionals can maintain a healthy lifestyle and food habits.

Eat Right, Stay Alright

Indeed, healthy eating is a life goal for many, but time constraints make it hard to implement. Amid daily virtual meetings, deadlines, and numerous issue resolution at work, it is not easy to keep track of your health. Nonetheless, try following these smart eating hacks to maintain your health:

Decrease the Size

Just by changing your dinner bowl’s size, you can develop a visual illusion that helps reduce your appetite and the habit of overeating. Consume the same amount of food on a smaller plate to trick your mind. Always fill your dish with a large portion of vegetables or salad and a tiny bit of unhealthy delights.

Avoid Skipping Meals

Often, people skip meals in a bid to accomplish a range of tasks. It is the most inappropriate thing you can do to your body. Never ignore the ghrelin hunger hormone that is telling your brain to grab a bite. Skipping meals doubles your food cravings, and you end up eating far more than usual. Try to maintain a balanced proportion of meals every three hours to avert messing up with your hunger hormone.

Play with Colors

Not many professionals are aware that colors play a significant role in boosting or suppressing our appetite. Red stimulates hunger while blue curbs it. So, enhance your office desk or dining area with blue décor. Try using blue bowls or plates that sharply contrast with the food you consume daily. Thus, your mind will focus more on the meal and eat mindfully.

Unplug and Eat

Technology can distract you from keeping a watch over your appetite and meal portion. So, you end up eating more than the usual diet. Try avoiding phone and pay attention to what you are consuming to maintain a modest appetite.

Turn Down Caffeine

Caffeine overdose gives a temporary energy boost, but it hampers your health in the long run. Shift to super seeds, including almonds or pumpkin seeds, to stay energetic for long. These snacks can pep up your mood too.

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