Mental Well-Being: Crucial to Address at Work?

Mental health charity Mind reports that one out of six workers needs to address mental well-being. Without proper protocols, it is incurring £33-42 billion every year on the UK business owners. A private-sector employer is levied £1,100 per worker per year. How do you address mental well-being? In this article at the EW Group, Lisa Jobson shares ways to implement it at work.

Look After Mental Well-Being

With healthy mental well-being, you can confront any situation. Without it, people suffer from chronic anxiety, depression, bipolar issues, schizophrenia, eating disorders, and so on. Recent studies confirm that the tangible benefits are a 12-percent productivity increase and £4.20 profit for each pound spent.

When employees take voluntary leaves for seven days, it costs companies £8,000. Every year, 3,00,000 people resign due to mental health issues. Apart from the attrition costs, employers have to spend               £30,000 to get a new hire. So, instead of ignoring the mental well-being of your staff, learn how to care for it.

Stay Prepared

According to EW Group course leader Vix Anderton, “It is crucial that businesses are open and transparent about mental health, and that this starts at the top.”

Leaders must be role models by displaying empathy and open conversations. Arrive or leave office on time and have breaks in between work. Train people so that they can look after their mental well-being themselves. Business owners lose nearly 99 million working days for mental health problems. That levies £35 billion on UK companies. Yet, 67 percent of workers do not want to speak up about their mental well-being needs. Talk about it if you see the following signs in your team members:

  • Disruptive sleep patterns or chronic headaches
  • More slipups, productivity loss, and poor decision-making abilities
  • Disturbing behaviors or more alcohol intake
  • Increased absenteeism or working longer hours

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