Don’t Want to Lose Productivity? Focus on Nutrients

Do you lose productivity around mid-day? Too much carbohydrate intake during lunch? It might fill your stomach, and you feel a rush of energy, but your body takes in a hit in the long-term. If you do not want to lose productivity any further, let’s find out from Angela Ruth the right nutrition level from this Calendar article.

When You Lose Productivity

Before learning how to consume nutrients, why not find out what we do wrong? Here’s a list:

  • Sugar: Our body needs glucose, which is a form of sugar, to run. Too less, and you cannot think. Too much, and you have issues memorizing things.  
  • Hunger: The main reason you lose productivity is by not having meals at the right time. How many breakfasts have you skipped since you joined work? On the other hand, gorging too much food can also make you clumsy.
  • Caffeine: Coffee seems to be the go-to beverage for people that want to jumpstart their system. The caffeine in it stimulates the adenosine receptors, which brings back your energy. Excess coffee breaks can make you anxious and even hamper your sleep.
  • Obesity: People with obesity issues take more sick leaves than individuals having an average weight. High blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, and other health issues are side-effects.

Get Your Nutrition

  • Avoid food with high protein, sugar, or processed carbohydrates in general. Switch to fruits, vegetables, meats, legumes, nuts, and whole grains.
  • For a continuous but balanced glucose flow, have meals at regular intervals.
  • Eat in moderation to prevent feeling bloated or famished before the next meal.
  • Exercise regularly to get rid of excess fat that you cannot dissolve by skipping meals.

Start your day with a heavy breakfast. Morning is a good time to have complex carbohydrates and proteins like eggs. Have a morning coffee but no more for the rest of the day. If you feel hungry between breakfast and lunch, have a light snack. Add vegetables and light carbohydrates to your lunch. Have only fruits and vegetables after sundown.

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