Mental Health: A Necessity to Prevent Burnout

Long work hours, uneven work-life, intricate professional dynamics, and a range of other burdens make employees suffer mental health problems. Stress, anxiety, depression, and various other complicated issues can cause massive job or business loss. In this article at Hive, Michaela Rollings explains the need to maintain employees’ mental health and well-being.

A Reality Check

According to the American Anxiety and Depression Association, about 18 percent of employees suffer from anxiety disorder leading to a host of difficulties at work. Growing work responsibilities trigger symptoms of anxiety. Interpersonal relationships are equally responsible for causing stress and panic at work.

Spread Awareness

Follow observations and guidance of these leaders to imbibe new perspectives of productivity in the new world of working from home:

  • Organizations must imbibe a culture that defines an agile mindset and flexibility of work. When interviewing candidates for recruitment, ensure talking about their previous company’s work culture. Analyze whether they can support the collaborative work culture followed by your staff. Learn how your employees can mitigate anxiety to stay productive, suggests Juliana Jaoudi, Senior Director, LinkedIn.
  • Meditation helps in gaining stability and balance, which reflects on the productivity and mental health of employees. Initiate a meditation program for staff to help them maintain their personal and professional life better. Encourage small breaks to meditate in between work and practice to relax the nervous system, adds Ellie Gluck, founder and CEO, MNDFL Meditation.
  • With growing to-do lists, employers must also provide digital scheduling software to help employees track and address priority tasks. Help your staff map out a to-do list to ensure everything will be taken care of without overshooting deadline, remarks founder and CEO of My Wellbeing Alyssa Petersel.
  • Save time in your calendar to work for 45 minutes without any further distractions. Must take a 10-minutes break after that to take a short walk outside, meditate, or listen to your favorite music. You can set alarms and make an effort to finish the task at hand to meet your target and enjoy small breaks between work. Your mental health is your responsibility. So, you must set boundaries for your work, suggests Julio Rivera, founder of Liberate Meditation.

As you return to a regular work routine, you can utilize this time to regain mental health. Decide how to balance work-life quotient while sitting in a corporate jungle. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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