Weight Training for Your Heart

We have all heard that cardio exercise like running, swimming, and biking, have been shown to benefit our heart health. But what about weight & resistance training? Most of the hype out there today focuses on the benefits of weight training for weight loss, mental health, strength & joint mobility. However, recent studies have shown there may be other benefits for your ticker.

A New York Times article from last December, explains how these recent studies have shown that even a small amount of weight and resistance training may reduce your risk of heart attack or stroke.

Frequent pulse boosting exercises or fitness regimes like aerobics prove helpful in maintaining cardiac health. Those that practice weightlifting twice a week are immune to heart disease. You can observe a significant improvement in your heart condition by investing less time in a regular exercise routine. Consistency is the key to maintain physical endurance. Most people that occasionally do weightlifting have a healthy heart. However, weight training does not immediately improve their heart condition, but it inevitably reduces the risk.

Cardio exercises are known remedies to increase heart health. It helps in maintaining blood pressure and cholesterol levels while improving blood flow. Weightlifting has indirect heart benefits like improved sleep quality, energy level, and reduces belly fat. Thus, zero risk of cardiovascular diseases.

You can view the original article https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/04/well/move/even-a-little-weight-training-may-cut-the-risk-of-heart-attack-and-stroke.html

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