6 Ways to Practice Mindful Eating

One simple, first step, toward introducing mindfulness while eating is to eat without a TV, newspaper or computer in front of us. How many of us eat our lunch while working? Below is a quick guide to practice Mindful Eating; however, for in-depth information check out the article from the American Diabetes Association – Mindful Eating: The Art of Presence While You Eat.

The practice of mindfulness has helped thousands of people manage chronic diseases like depression, sleeping disorders, and anxiety. Mindful eating is an approach to use senses to maintain a healthy lifestyle and food habits. It does not focus on weight loss or other fitness regimes, but help people savor the food and the moment. The concept is ideal for those that want to overcome lifestyle challenges.

Be calm and composed to acknowledge your body’s needs, feelings, thoughts, and sensations. Pay attention to the food you eat. Indulge in products that include less fat and more fiber. Mindful eating needs complete attention towards your buying, preparing, and serving behavior. Adopt a healthy lifestyle by making minor changes in your everyday lifestyle.

Mindful eating entails let go of the past and harbor new habits. Welcome new experiences and make room for the best habits in your conventional diet patterns. The regular practice of mindfulness helps you plan and execute new activities to adopt an agile health routine. Link to the original article:

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