Top 10 Personal Finance Websites

‘Understanding how to manage your personal finances like a pro is essential’ to your financial health. ‘If you’re looking for reputable resources and solid information on personal finance’ to help you reach a variety of goals, ‘from living frugally to choosing the right credit products and investing wisely’, start with these 10 sites. You won’t be disappointed, and best of all, they’re free!


An extremely popular personal finance community whose goal is ‘to help people live well’. The most popular areas of the site are the “Personal Finance”, “Frugal Living” and the “Life Hacks” sections.


Kiplinger, a trusted thought leader, not only provides you with personal finance tips and tricks but solid and accurate business forecasts as well.


The Military Wallet’s goal is ‘to assist the military community in becoming fiscally smart and informed about the variety of benefits and programs available’ to it covering topics such as investing, insurance, and retirement as well as ‘military discounts and post-military money management’.


‘Banking Sense is one of the most valuable and instructive resources on this list’. This site offers financial news, tips, and advice on such topics as credit cards, insurance, small-business finance, personal finance, taxes, and more.


Featured on The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and other sites, Cash Money Life is ‘a reliable source of advice on personal finance and small business. One of the most popular sections is the “Free Money” page, which provides information about referral bonuses, free trials, and the like’.


Launched in 1976, this former newsletter has transformed itself into one of the most respected websites in the personal finance arena. Bankrate supplies information on bank rates, mortgages, and credit cards, in addition to ‘personal finance advice in such areas as financial planning, retirement, and investments’.


‘Started by an “average guy,” this blog provides an unbiased and simplified look at financial product reviews, credit card deals, and other finance blogs’.


‘The only government-operated website on the list, offers its own unique spin on personal finance. It has information about earning, borrowing, saving, investing, spending, and protecting your money’.


As you may have guessed, the personal finance information found on this site focuses on ‘credit card offers and how to use them wisely’.


‘This blog gives information, resources, and tips on how to make, donate, save, and spend money in fiscally smart ways’. Their readers appreciate the broad variety of content including blogs, podcasts, newsletters, and more.

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