Five-Step Plan for a Financial Fresh Start

‘Money matters remain so difficult for many people that they regard their current situation as a financial Armageddon. Even though our new economic environment is hard to face, you can improve your finances if you know what to do’.

Take these five basic steps to improve your financial situation:

Step one: ‘Modify how you bank and how you borrow money’.
Step two: ‘If your credit is bad, fix it. If you have heavy debt, reduce it’.
Step three: ‘Shield your savings, your retirement nest egg, and your stocks, bonds and other investments’.
Step four: ‘Determine whether owning a home makes good financial sense for your present situation’.
Step five: ‘Consume less and get paid more’.

Though a hush-hush matter in the past, discussing financial issues has become part of the daily conversation. Thanks to the frequent recessions. However, new avenues are opening to cater to your basic needs. Shari Olefson shares useful financial tips in her book “Financial Fresh Start”. She discusses in detail five steps mentioned above with utmost clarity and precision. With practical examples and statistics, she paints the reality right.

According to her, “Surrounding yourself with the right advisers is one more thing that you can do to reduce the impact that the new economy’s crazy variables may be having on your wallet.” If you are confused about your financial plan, hire an expert. Verify the planner’s training, capability, and knowledge before laying down all your cards.

Olefson remarks, “In the new economy, workers with an inadequate education are almost always the first to lose their jobs.” Ensure that you have enough training and skills to survive and stay relevant in troubling times.

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