40M Americans Will Miss a Credit Card Payment – Not You!

‘A recent survey reports that an estimated 40 million Americans expect to make a mess of their financial life this year by missing a credit card payment’.

Do that and you are setting off an avalanche of problems. ‘There’s the late fee that may cost $35, or more. And if you’re 60 days late, your credit card can slap an interest rate of up to 30% on your entire balance. And then there’s the damage to your FICO credit score, as on-time payments are the single largest factor in calculating your score’.

If you think you may miss a payment sometime this year or, like the average U.S. household are more than $15,000 in credit card debt, then right now is the time to hatch a plan to get back on track!

There are four strategies to stop missing your credit card payment. Find out below:

  • Pay more than your monthly minimum payment. The more your stretch, the longer it takes to pay off. Try ‘debt snowball’ or ‘debt avalanche’ methods. Automate payments wherever you can.
  • Accumulate all your debts into one account. Shift to a zero-balance credit card or apply personal loans that have lower interest rates.
  • Instead of shying away from the creditors, have an open discussion with them. Come up with a plan that helps you with the credit card payment.
  • If you are struggling to pay off loans, seek help from counselors and devise a debt management plan. You can also file for bankruptcy or negotiate with your creditors to lower the amount.

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