Post Workout Fuel to Keep Your Body Moving

Those who sweat in the gym every day need an extra dose of protein and nutrition. But that does not give you the authority to binge on favorite foods.

In this article at, Claire Gillespie explains that post-workout meals must be balanced with enough portion of proteins and carbs to keep fatigue and muscle pains aside.

Maintain Body Needs

After an intense session of cardio or weight training, your muscles need fuel to keep it going. Lean proteins and good carbs like oats help in instant muscle repair, while fresh juice or fluids like electrolytes prevents dehydration. Here is a list of food you can include in your daily routine to meet your body’s post-workout needs:

  • Salmon: A rich source of protein, salmon helps in boosting stamina, builds muscles, and increases tissues’ recovery time. About 3 ounces of a salmon fillet gives 20 grams of protein to the body.
  • Eggs: Yet another crucial source of proteins, eggs are loaded with vitamin B, D, and E and has biotin, potassium, folic acid, and omega-3 fatty acids. To get immediate muscle repair, consume eggs daily within 45 minutes post-workout.
  • Black Rice: It contains antioxidants like blueberries but without sugar. Black rice gives enough fiber to the body with reduced cholesterol and lasting energy to the body.
  • Yogurt with Fruits: Yogurt is the ideal food for post-workout recovery because it is a good source of protein and carbs. Adding fruits ‘rich in antioxidants and sugar’ in yogurt helps in covering the dropped blood sugar levels after a workout.
  • Seeds & Nuts: Those who are allergic to gluten can consume soaked nuts and flax seeds along with pumpkin seeds to get enough fiber and omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Protein Powder Smoothie: Make fruit or spinach smoothie and add a spoonful protein supplement to make it a ready-to-go meal post-workout.
  • Water & Electrolytes: Due to sweat and loss of energy, the body feels dehydrated and weak. Regain power by consuming enough fluids in the form of electrolytes that contains sodium and potassium or glucose.

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