Maintain These 10 Steps to Build Healthy Work Habits

You must have healthy work habits to be at the top of your performance throughout your working period. In this article at WebMD, learn the ten steps that can help you build healthy work habits.

Activating Healthy Work Habits

Work pressure makes us forget about our body’s comfort. Extra pounds, added glasses, hunched back, etc. are common for people that work long hours. The only way to mitigate these longstanding issues is by building healthy work habits. Follow the ten steps below:

1) Skip Relentless Snacking

American Dietetic Association dietitian Dawn Jackson suggests avoiding frequent snacking and the resultant weight gain. Instead, get some fresh air and have fruits to curb the urge of snacking.

2) Drink Water

The sudden drop in energy around 3 p.m. is because of dehydration. Have eight to ten glasses of water a day. Oranges, grapes, watermelons, and apples can keep you hydrated as well. Set up alarms within which you will finish a certain amount of water in the day.

3) Exercise

Walking is one of the healthy work habits that reduces stress from your body. Ensure you have a walking partner that will force you to take walk breaks despite the work pressure. Walk after work or take the stairs instead of the elevator. Drop two stops earlier to walk to the office or home.

4) Strike a Balance in Your Diet

Ensure that you do not overeat during lunch hours. Stress eating can disbalance your diet. The majority of your health work habits are around food. Instead of gorging an entire pizza, you can share it with a coworker.

5) Destress Your Neck

Unwanted stress can cause tension neck syndrome (TNS). Keeping your neck in the same position for hours causes it. Use a headset or speaker to release some tension, according to Cornell University ergonomics professor Alan Hedge.

6) Look After Your Eyes

University of California at Davis says that stress on the eyes can cause unwanted headaches and light sensitivity. Keep your monitor at arm’s distance from your eyes for comfortable reading.

7) Go for Vacations

Business Psychology Consulting president Jonathan Kramer recommends going for vacations. As one of the healthy work habits, it destresses your body and mind simultaneously.

8) Do Not Stretch Your Work Hours

It is common for people to stretch their work hours. Have a healthy work-life balance to maintain better relationships and prevent mood swings.

9) Stay Clean

Science Daily reports that viruses can stay on hard surfaces longer than usual. So, disinfect your office desk before you start working.

10) Be Aware of Your Limits

One of the healthy work habits is to know the limits of your body. Do not overwork or force yourself to stay in the same position for hours. Take breaks, stay hydrated, and stop stress eating. Revive your energy by switching off work from your mind once you go home or are on vacation.

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