Get Gym Ready Not Infection Ready

People join gyms to maintain a healthy lifestyle and improve their fitness level. But what if the gym you are heading to brings unwanted infections to your doorstep? In this article at Newsmax Health, Jean Paul Meyntjens expresses concern over the infectious areas in the gym.

Combat Infections and Germs

The gym equipment like pullup bars, kettlebells, pullup bars, and barbells are contagious and spread infections even after regular cleaning. So, do not use anything without wiping it with a sanitized paper towel. You may carry a disinfectant spray to prevent unwanted infections or flues.

Gym towels are another vital source of catching infections. Even though all the gyms claim to maintain hygiene or keep sanitized towels, possibilities are high that the towel holders are not clean enough. To beat infections and maintain personal hygiene, carry your own hand towel every day. Also, keep your water bottle or sipper cleaned with hot water daily.

Those who carry gym bags are unknowingly holding one of the prime sources of infections on their shoulders. People take towels, track pants, jackets, and socks out of the bag for wash, but very few maintain its hygiene. So, make it a habit to get your bag dry cleaned often or regularly spray disinfectant to maintain hygiene.

Change Rooms Menace!

Some people roam around barefoot in the change room or locker area post-workout. These places are the haven of contagious diseases and fungal infections. So, always keep your feet covered while moving in covered areas to avoid contract with MRSA, a dangerous bacteria that causes severe skin infections.

Also, make it a habit to change sweaty gym wear after the workout. Taking a quick shower before leaving the gym is the ideal way to avoid skin infections. These preventive measures can guard you against unwanted infections and diseases. Click on the following link to read the original article: https://www.newsmax.com/health/health-news/gym-workout-germs/2020/01/13/id/949529/?ns_mail_uid=eb65e6c5-7435-44da-969d-14d0f121344e&ns_mail_job=DM85574_01242020&s=acs&dkt_nbr=010502diefps

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