Eat Healthy to Feel Healthy at Work

Long working hours coupled with a good set of snacks could always be the best option to ease your stress levels. Therefore, most professionals prefer to carry a set of snacks when they drive to work. But, have you ever wondered whether those snacks are helping you work better or only adding more to your belly fat? Developing healthy food habits is the need of the hour, be it at work or home. Working professionals should always pay attention to what they are eating at work because non-healthy food items may deeply hurt their fitness level and productivity in turn.

In this article at Snack Nation, Emil Shour shares some healthy snack related insights based on discussions with 49 health experts (i.e. nutritionists, dietitians, fitness coaches, doctors, and healthy lifestyle bloggers).

It’s A Hard Task

Resisting the temptation of eating some delicious (or something unhealthy) is a tough job. Especially at work, we all crave for a big pile of something sugary or loaded with trans-fat to fill our appetite. However, you must realize that healthy food options could also be delicious enough to please your taste buds. Here is a quick glimpse of some healthy snack items suggested by health experts:

1.    Nuts and String Cheese

This low carbohydrate-high protein combination is a quick solution to keep your tummy filled till you are ready for your next meal.

2.    Greek Yogurt with Almonds

Green yogurt is always the best snack option considering its nutritional value. When mixed with nuts or fruits, it tastes even better.

3.    Oatmeal with Nut Butter

If your hunger quotient is high, then probably a bunch of nuts won’t suffice the need. You can then look for an easy-to-use option—oatmeal and put in some nut butter to better the taste.

4.    Snack Bars

Nature’s Path Qi’a bar, Manitoba Harvest hemp heart bites, Nibmor dark chocolate, and Justin’s nut butter are some healthy snack items that you can always carry with yourself.

5.    Fruits / Nuts

Fruit is always considered as the perfect snack option. First, you can try a fruit and then go for some nuts if you feel hungrier.

Willing to explore more? Visit the following link to see the remaining list of healthy snack items:

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